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 Retreat weekends 2018

Our well-being retreats are set in a magical landscape where you can enjoy yoga, sculpture carving, a woodland trail and story-telling around the fire whilst staying in one of our Hobbit houses. Ideal for a group of friends or special occasion. You can choose either a Hobbit Hut, our Hobbit Hideaway or one of our new Hobbit Holes each sleeping 2. There will be a maximum of 12 people for each well-being retreat weekend. Please be quick to book well in advance to secure your date. Further information and prices will be given on phoning or emailing. 

Our new red cedar barrel sauna and therapy cabin are set in our well-being sensory garden. Above the ponds and arboretum is our new al fresco 24ft yoga deck perfectly positioned for the setting sun and offering views over the beautiful valley.

 Single day yoga/wellbeing events

Ideal for a group of friends to get together and couples or for people to come and meet others. Choose from a selection of wellbeing activites and therapies. Try a few tasters of new techniques. Vegan and vegitarian food can be provided. If you are interested please get in touch. We can also tailor events to suit the needs of the group and even produce a package for a special occasion and date to suit. 

   Yoga Sessions:

Yoga offers us an interesting and creative way to keep fit, strong and supple as well as connecting and reuniting with our bodies. The breathing, meditation and mindfulness of yoga can help us release stress,process emotion and cultivate a deeper sense of well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Emma Mansfield will be our retreat and workshop yoga teacher. Emma is highly trained with the UK’s leading yoga teacher Simon Low at the Yoga Academy in Kent. Since qualifying Emma set up Lovely Yoga Cornwall for yogis of all ages and abilities. Emma is also experienced in one-to-one work as well as running programmes and classes for organisations such as RAF St Mawgan, Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, Cornwall Council as well as schools and colleges. During the summer of 2015 Emma taught yoga on the beaches of Cornwall.

Her classes are inspired by a number of different schools of yoga. Emma’s skills in working with different organisations and groups enables her to adapt her yoga to suit all abilities whilst being aware of the need of the body and the mind to learn and be stretched.

Her classes include Restorative yoga which seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. Using also a number of poses to achieve this including using the breath (Pranayana), meditation and guided relaxations (Nidra)

Emma works through a variety of dynamic sequences using balance and posture techniques to develop strength in core and upper and lower body (Asana).

Your retreat has a unique al-fresco yoga deck with an open view across a valley giving an ideal location for standing sequences and sun-salutations. Emma will bring a number if aids to help with teaching such as bolsters and mats. However you may wish to bring your own mat if you have one.

Emma is British Wheel of Yoga accredited and has an RSA qualification in Exercise to Music. She is also trained to AQA’s Advanced Certificate Level in Counselling & Psychotherapy. She is also a yoga first aider, has pubic liability insurance and an up-to-date DBS certificate.

Emma is an inspirational leader with a wide spectrum of interests. Yoga has a deep personal significance in her life and this brings a truly heartfelt desire to teach others. We are truly delighted to have her on board. Please visit her website for a flavour of Emma.  www.lovelyyogacornwall.com


Storytelling is an ancient art form, an interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.

Wendy our storyteller has been a professional performer for 17 years and has toured both nationally and internationally and had contracts with some renowned venues and companies such as The Finnish National Opera House, the Eden Project, The Minnack Theatre, Rogue Theatre Company, Cube Essential Theatre Company, TED Uk and many more.

Wendy is multi-talented specialising in a variety of genres. Director of Starlight adventures an events and entertainment business, Wendy produces site specific musical environmental and theatrical events. Wendy is also a music leader and vocal coach. She is also an actor, dancer and is a professional aerialist.

Her passion in storytelling includes previous roles for the internationally renowned Eden Project and site specific work across the country. We are now thrilled to have her at Acorn Camping and Glamping. Having skills of working with people from many cultures and traditions has given Wendy a broad spectrum of opportunities for her storytelling.

A beautiful description of storytelling below signifies for us the important role it plays as part of ‘mindfulness’ by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

The storytelling listener’s role is to actively create the vivid, multi-sensory images, actions, characters, and events—the reality—of the story in her or his mind, based on the performance by the teller and on the listener’s own past experiences, beliefs, and understandings. The completed story happens in the mind of the listener, a unique and personalised individual. The listener becomes, therefore, a co-creator of the story as experienced.

Storytelling emerges from this interaction and cooperative, coordinated efforts of teller and audience. The interactive nature of storytelling partially accounts for its immediacy and impact. Storytelling can directly and tightly connect the teller and audience. Wendy has used storytelling combined with other art forms. Including uses of story in her work with drama, music, dance, comedy, puppetry, and numerous other forms of expression and encourages a close connection between teller and listener. 

Storytelling; by encouraging the active imagination of the listener enjoys the illusion that the listener is actually witnessing the character or events described in the story. As a creative specialist Wendy’s Storytelling widens the spoken word by using actions such as vocalisation, physical movement and gesture. What a wonderful enlightenment!

Wendy is a professional member of Equity and has pubic liability insurance and an up-to-date DBS certificate. Wendy is level 2 qualified in Reiki and private Reiki sessions in our new therapy cabin can be booked in advance 


Over the years there has need a growing understanding that taking part in the arts can have benefits for health and well-being. Research has shown that art therapy induces psychological and physiological changes.

Visual art is an important element of well-being and is often shyed away from with people saying that they are not creative. However creating a piece of art increases relaxation, enjoyment and inner calm and reduces stress. Art also provides individuals with a way to express thoughts, feeling and emotions and therefore helps us connect with others and improves quality of life 

Tony our sculptor is a multimedia artist with an Honours degree in Fine Art-Sculpture at Falmouth College of Arts and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is a freelance artist and as well as running art and craft courses for Camborne College and St Austell College in Cornwall he has also worked over the years with learners of all abilities and ages and with groups who are disadvantaged and isolated and/or who have become disengaged from community life. Over a number of years Tony has worked with people who are recovering from alcohol and drug misuse who are also homeless, young people, families with young children as well as young parents. Additionally he has taught people with disabilities which include head trauma, Parkinson’s disease and mental illness and has run a number of themed workshops such as domestic violence and healthy eating.

Tony has also over his career been a freelance landscape gardener and has designed the created our wellbeing sensory garden. As a tutor he has encouraged learners to create their own community environment combining art with the landscape through sculptures and sensory plants, creatively combining art with nature.

Block Carving has been a favourite medium of Tony’s. By using a light weight block of thermolite (a modern insulating material used in the building industry) and a degree of imagination and dexterity it is possible to create a wide variety of 3D objects, practical, figurative and abstract. Learners from very different backgrounds and of very different abilities enjoy producing work with this unusual material using very basic tools. Tony demonstrates the use of tools and provide exemplar material

Tony remembers his tutor’s enthusiasm and encouragement and since then has endeavoured to teach with these qualities in the forefront of his mind. The sense of achievement he felt in his own learning is what he wishes to convey to others, to empower them with the wish to create and for this to have an impact in some way on their lives.  

Tony has pubic liability insurance and an up-to-date DBS certificate


Therapy room                                             Redwood Cedar Sauna & Changing room        Valley view from the 24ft yoga deck              





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